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Creating Sustainability In Construction

 World Class Environmental Construction Products

Welcome to Econpro®

Welcome to Econpro®, the specialist group of companies that transforms wastes and by-products into sustainable products for many industrial sectors. Our products include the award-winning DuraKerb which has sold over 400,000 units worldwide.

We are a rapidly growing business with global connections and partnerships that are revolutionising the way we recycle and reuse materials, saving money, time and the Earth’s precious resources. We devise, patent and develop unique solutions for converting and encapsulating waste products into reusable form, diverting tens of thousands of tonnes of materials otherwise destined for landfill.





Econpro Products & Services

Our design engineers utilise CAD and Finite element analysis programmes to design functional products from concept to rapid prototyping, then we assist by sourcing quality production tools with our team of approved partners around the globe.

Strengthening Sustainable Technologies

Econpro is the parent for the manufacture of recycled infrastructure products, including Durakerb®, and the ownership of intellectual property for such materials and products. The group, which is based in the Wirral, grew out of the original Durakerb® business, founded in 2003 by inventor and entrepreneur Phil Sutton, who had spotted the opportunity for a lightweight kerbstone made of recycled polymers.

Phil is a committed sustainability enthusiast and has worked with organisations such as the British Standards Institution and the Health & Safety Executive to extend awareness of and accreditation for products made from recycled wastes and by-products.

Following the success of Durakerb® and a large-scale distribution deal with Aggregate Industries, the original company was restructured and renamed as Econpro WDS Limited to broaden the development of sustainable products and technologies. The group also offers consultancy and R&D services to organisations seeking solutions for dealing with waste streams and by-products.